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Compare The Dallas World Aquarium parking rates to save time and money.

Dallas Aquarium Coupons for Discount Tickets

Once in a while, the aquarium in Dallas offers coupons to the visitors and charges are offered at discounted rates to senior or old people over the age of 60, those who visit the facility as a group, military personnel and those people who have membership cards.

Dallas World Aquarium tunnel The conservation in the Dallas world aquarium which consists of aquatic life and vegetation represent fourteen countries selected from five continents, a number of rivers, seas and three oceans. Dallas aquarium hours are from 9 o’clock in the morning to 5 o’clock in the evening. It remains closed on thanks giving and Christmas days. To get admitted, it will cost an adult 20.95 dollars, 12.95 dollars for children between the age of 3 to 12 years and 16.95 dollars for old people who are above the age of 60 years. All the prices are inclusive of tax. Admission is free for children below the age of three years.

Dallas Aquarium Membership
Dallas Aquarium shark When you register as a member with the Dallas world aquarium, you will enjoy free admission for a whole year. Membership for a single person goes for 95 dollars, and for the seniors is 85 dollars. Some Dallas-area magazines are sold with coupons for Dallas aquarium, which are meant to make the magazines sell more. When you visit the aquarium as a group, you will save 5 dollars on admission. To get this discount you have to ensure that all the fifteen tickets are paid for in a single transaction. The coupons will not only reduce your admission cost but will also allow you to buy goods from the gift shops and enjoy Dallas world aquarium discounts. The locals who have obtained membership will also enjoy free visits as they wish during aquarium operational time. Apart from the discounted entrance charges, they will also pay less for the purchases they make from the gift shops or book stores.

For visitors who have come to Dallas for holidays, they will never regret their vacation in Texas because there is a lot to see, do and learn when they come to the aquarium. Everyone will want to save on tickets and in this case, Dallas Aquarium coupons will aid you in getting the tickets at low prices than normal. You can also get the popular coupon book, the Entertainment Book which usually contains coupons to the Dallas Aquarium or other popular Dallas attractions. You can buy the Entertainment book 2016 online before your trip and also get all the great 50% off coupons to use in the Dallas area. It really is a great deal to buy the Entertainment Book 2016, because you will also find half price discounts for all the other types of coupons it offers, including many restaurants, parks and zoos, fun activities, and even for national hotel and car rental chains.

Dallas Aquarium Coupons
Another place where you can find Dallas aquarium coupons is online. To find the Dallas Aquarium Coupons 2016 year currently available, you should first check the Dallas Aquarium website for coupons or promotional discounts. Another additional website that you can visit is 360Dallas .com. It offers very good discounts for most of the places in Dallas. Specifically for Dallas World Aquarium however, the site is known to offer coupons to visitors who want to tour the facility. All you will need to do is check for hyper-linked word “coupons” and you will see the offers that are currently being availed to visitors. When you fail to get what you are targeting, you are encouraged to keep on checking because the websites is frequently updated and you may get your exact offer on your next visit.

Dallas Aquarium Coupons 2016
Here’s a complete list of available Dallas Aquarium Coupons 2016, including AAA, AARP, military, group discounts, and more:
If you have the UT Dallas Comet Canter access pass, you can get Dallas Aquarium discounted tickets. These Dallas Aquarium coupons will save you $5 per person, so these will be the best discount coupons.
At the Sea Life Aquarium, found in Grapevine, Texas, if you purchase your tickets through the aquarium online
Dallas children aquarium
website, you will receive a $3 discount per entry ticket. The Sea Life Aquarium also has discount when you go for Toddler Tuesdays. You don’t need a coupon and can get group admission for your family to the aquarium for 14 dollars.
You can get Dallas Children’s Aquarium discount of $2 per person if you have membership at the

Dallas Zoo as well.
In previous years, and probably in 2016 also, the Dallas World Aquarium may offer a $1 off discount for people that take the public transportation like DART to the aquarium. You can get discounted entry to the Dallas aquarium just by showing your transit stub.
For Dallas Aquarium coupons 2016, they haves annual memberships that provide free admission to the aquarium for one year. Also, membership includes 10 percent off discount at the aquarium gift shop, free monthly emails with news and information, and a special members VIP entrance. An individual membership costs $95 for adults and $85 for seniors. There’s also the family memberships, single family memberships, and dual memberships which are good deals for multiple visits.
If you are planning to bring your children to the Dallas Aquarium, kids younger than three still receive free admission to the Dallas Aquarium.
Group discounts are available for 15 people or more, with advance reservations and tickets are bought together. This discount will save you $5 off the Dallas World Aquarium admission.
For the various Dallas Aquarium Coupons discount and coupon possibilities, here’s the summary. For AAA discount, we don’t believe there’s any available in 2016. For AARP discount, that’s also none at this time, but seniors 60 years or older will save $4 on the Dallas World Aquarium admission. For Active and retired military service men, there will be a discount for them plus one guest, which is $2 off admission with valid military ID. These are some the list of Dallas Aquarium Coupons 2016 available
Dallas Aquarium coupons 2016 – Hours and Prices
Aquarium Hours
9:00 am – 5:00 pm daily
Dallas Aquarium Admission
Adult – $20.95 + tax
Child – $12.95 + tax (3 to 12)
Child – free (under 3)
Senior – $16.95 + tax (60+)
“Accept All major credit cards”
 Dallas Aquarium Spring Break
dallas aquarium coupons
For planning your trip during Spring Break (March 9-17) to the Dallas Aquarium, a must see performance is the popular Mayan Performance Troupe at 10:30 am, 11:15 am and 12:00 pm.  The afternoon performances will be replaced with the troupe strolling both inside and outside the facility (12:45 pm – 4:00 pm daily). Visitors can see them up close and personal, and also get unique photo opportunities. Just don’t forget to use your Dallas Aquarium coupons 2016.

Mundo Maya exhibit
With the new Dallas Aquarium exhibit, the culture of the Maya is gloriously displayed in an eight floor high Mundo Maya exhibit. Plants and animals prevalent in Mayan folklore are featured in this immersion experience, the highlight is a 400,000-gallon walk-through Cenote exhibit filled with sharks, rays and sea turtles of the Yucatan Peninsula. It’s some of the best that the  Dallas world Aquarium has to offer, so hopefully you will enjoy it with the savings from your  Dallas Aquarium coupons 2016 as well. You can check out at this link more information and listing of the special events at the Dallas World Aquarium website.

Dallas Children’s Aquarium
Dallas residents and even visitors can give their children a lifetime experience by taking them to the Dallas Children’s Aquarium. The children’s aquarium that is located at the Fair park is a part of the Dallas Zoo facility. Its inaugural opening was in the year 1936, but it was later renovated at a cost of 8 million dollars, a process that was completed in the year 2010. It is in the Art Deco building where you will find different and numerous types of aquatic creatures. From invertebrates to amphibians, and reptiles to freshwater fish, every sea life is found here.

Dallas Children's Aquarium pictureYour children will love viewing jellyfish, eels, piranhas, turtles, clown fish, sharks and many more different species they know from their favorite books and movies. Dallas Aquarium Fair Park is designed in a way that it blends perfectly with kids behavior. It has interactive features that allow hands-on exploration. There is a model pool that gives the children a coastal touch because of its sea stars, sea urchins, horseshoe and other creatures. Dallas aquarium Fair Park is open to children who are as young as one year up to eight years old. They can access the place from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm on a daily basis. When the schools are out for summer, the kids are always home in readiness to have fun and explore life. When it comes to the month of June, a great chance comes up because it is the National Aquarium month and hence the kids can be taken to the renovated Dallas Children’s aquarium. It’s perfect to give them the gift of a great family trip to the Dallas Aquarium Fair Park. There is a lot of fun here, not to mention the educational experience they will get from the exhibitions and interactive activities.

Dallas Children’s Aquarium Attractions
Dallas Children's Aquarium feeding the stingraysOne of the main attractions is when the feeding demonstrations are being done. The feeding is scheduled on a daily basis, where on each day there is a different animal to be fed. On Mondays, the demonstration is at Nearshore Gallery where Moray Eels are fed, on Tuesdays the Alligators are fed at the Freshwater Gallery, on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays the Sharks are fed at Stingray Bay. Thursdays is a day of feeding the Sea Turtle at Shore Gallery and finally Saturdays the Piranhas are fed at the Freshwater Gallery.

“Sleeping with the fishes” at the Dallas Children’s aquarium
Dallas Children's Aquarium feed the stingraysGuests are allowed to spend a night at the Dallas children’s aquarium, but booking for a group of children with adult chaperones. For this special activity called “Sleeping with the fishes aquarium overnights“, a group of children are allowed to spend a night here given that they are chaperoned by an adult. The ratio of 1 adult chaperone per group of up to 10 children for this sleepover is required. They has to be accompanied by an adult chaperone all through the night to take care of the kids as they walk around and do other activities. Boys sleep separately from the girls and chaperons must follow the rules of the aquarium. No food or beverages are allowed from outside except water that should not be carried in glass bottles.

Dallas Aquarium Birthday Packages
If your kid’s birthday is coming up, you might have a headache trying to come up with some new party idea for him or her. Dallas Children's Aquarium Birthday cakeIn that case, you might want to consider a visit to the Dallas aquarium Fair Park. They provide birthday party packages that includes admission of up to 25 people of all ages, using the party rooms exclusively for 90 minutes, having host or hostess at your disposal, animal and marine encounter with trained interpreters and supplies and decorations. This birthday package costs only 350 dollars, and is a sure-fire way to let you kids and their friends have a fun, memorable day at the Dallas Children’s Aquarium.
Now for the adults, if you are thinking of going to the Dallas World Aquarium, be sure to look here for the Dallas Aquarium coupons.

Dallas World Aquarium Coupons 2016
Dallas World Aquarium is located in the city of Dallas, Texas. It was set up to conserve endangered or threatened aquatic creatures and it is a major tourist attraction. This aquarium in Dallas is also used for education purposes where local firms have Dallas World Aquarium pictureteamed up with corporations and schools, to enlighten generations about conserving this huge and important attraction. The Dallas World Aquarium is a member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums, and also a member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums since 1997. It was started in October 1992 in a refurbished warehouse that has two levels. The upper level houses a zoo while the aquarium is on the lower level. This is where you will see fish, sea anemones, coral and many more sea animals. There are ten tanks that hold sea life from different countries like British Columbia, Sri Lanka, Japan, Indonesia, Bahamas and many more. There is also a bigger tank that has a twelve meters tunnel where visitors walk through and observe different types of fishes.

The Experience at The Dallas World Aquarium
If you have just come to Dallas to reside or as a tourist, make sure that you set aside Dallas World Aquariumsome time so that you can tour the West End district and see the splendor of this magnificent Dallas aquarium at Fair Park. It is the perfect place to hide from the hustles and bustles of life and the hot sun. Mingling with numerous sea creatures is an entertaining experience, not to mention the new things that you will learn from here. In general world aquarium Dallas has various sea animals that range from ocean to freshwater fishes, reptiles, amphibians and a lot more. You will enjoy the feeding time of the animals while you listen to the information about the animals’ anatomy and characteristics.

Dallas Aquarium Hours of admission and Price list
The aquarium is open to visitors from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on the months of September the fourth, to 29th February. After then it is closed for thanks giving and Christmas until the month on March 1st. When it opens on March, Dallas aquarium hours of opening slightly changes to 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, until September 3rd.

The charges for adults are $20.95 plus taxes while children who are within the age of 3 to 12 years old will pay $12.95 plus taxes. Children under the age of three years are admitted to the aquarium for free. There is a discounted fee for senior adults who are aged 60 years and above; they will only have to pay $16.95 + taxes. Dallas Aquarium 2016 picture

If you are visiting the facility as a group the charges are also discounted only if the group members are over 15 in number. In that case they will get a rate of 16 dollars per head inclusive of taxes, and the total amount can only be paid by a single personal because individual payment will not be accepted. Military personnel will only be allowed one guest and they have to produce photo Ids, their rate is 19 dollars plus taxes.

To keep your budget in check, go here to get Dallas aquarium coupons 2016 when you plan on making a visit to the aquarium.