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Chilis Coupons

A Brief History of Chili’s Grill & Bar

Chilis Logo
The founder Larry Lavine conceptualized an informal, full-service restaurant that offered numerous types of hamburgers at affordable prices. His dream came to fruition in 1975, when Chili’s first location was opened in a converted post office in Dallas, Texas. Lavine’s new restaurant paradigm caught on quickly, and within a decade there were 28 locations in the southwest corridor. With its newfound success, Lavine was able to sell the company to Normal Brinker, who had extensive experience in the restaurant industry. Chili’s now has over 1400 restaurants, with most of the locations in the United States and Canada.

Some Useful Information About Their Cuisine and Dining Experience

Chili’s, like many other restaurants, serves American-style cuisine, with a heavy influence of Tex-Mex cuisine. They also have a diverse range of menus that cater to individuals with certain allergies, weight, and religious idiosyncrasies. While they offer very affordable food, there are still numerous ways to make your dining experience less expensive. You should be on the lookout for chilis coupons that will allow you to receive additional savings on your meal. Make sure that the coupon is valid, as coupons often have a way of expiring when you need to use them most!

Chilis Coupons You Won't Believe

Where can I find Chilis coupons? They are not that hard to find, you just need to know where to look! They can be found in the paper, online, or just pay attention to the offers on TV or on the radio to get yours! I like to eat out as much as the next guy! Besides watching my waistline, I'm also watching my wallet, and it will give you a great way to do both!
*New top shelf Tacos fresh flavors layeredin every bite
*Margarita chicken fresh mex bowl
*Bacon Avocado chiken sandwich
*Quesadilla explosion salad
*$20 Dinner for 2 Including An Appetizer & 2 Full-Size Entrees.
*Lunch Combos for $6, $7, or $8. From 11am-4pm during the weeks choose from any number of sandwiches, salads, quesadillas and more.
*Join Chili's Email Club for Specials & Discounts plus free chips and choice of salsa, guacamole or queso on your next visit with adult entree purchase on Chilis
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Free Chips & Salsa Print coupon and receive free chips & salsa, or guacamole or queso with any adult entree, valid at your flocal Chili's restaurant. ( New! April-18-2015 )
Kids Eat Free Coupon
Chili's Coupon - Free Dessert
Chili's Coupon - Free Chips & Dip
Free Onion Rings
Chili's Coupon - Free Pickles Or Onion Rings

Chilis offers a variety of coupons and offers which, from 2 for 1 appetizers, one free drink with an entree, all the way to a free entree of equal or lesser value with the purchase of an entree! Most people go out to eat as a group, in my case it's with my wife and daughter, making this a real money saver. If you're eating alone, get a friend or a date! Eating as a group is always more fun! I don't care what anyone says, all this talk about the dignity of eating alone, well, it's vastly overrated! If I'm eating alone, it's standing over the sink in my kitchen or in my police car with crumbs landing on the floor!

Chilis coupons are really effective in lowering your overall food bill, especially the more you go! As a matter of fact, being in touch with the restaurant on a regular basis is also a great way to get the best coupons and hear about the best offers. Subscribe to the website, too! You'll get all kinds of through your email! Remember, after a lifetime of work, stress, and bills, what are you going to remember about this world? The time you spent doing your dreary job, or the times you spent sharing a meal with friends, a loved one, or your family? The answer is clear. Go out and have a great time once in while, you deserve it!

Printable Chilis Coupons Are Your Best Friend

Printable Chilis coupons are a great way to get your coupons without having to dig through the Sunday paper and get your hands full of newsprint. I mean everybody nowadays has a home computer, and who doesn't have a printer? I know I do, and what a better way to supplement the cost of those expensive toner cartridges and paper than using them to save ten, sometimes twenty dollars on a great meal at an awesome restaurant?

Let me tell you, printable Chilis coupons make it easy to do this! How many hours do you spend on the computer daily, even at work? I know I can spend upwards of four hours a day whacking away at this thing (the computer, you dirty minded reader!) and Friday rolls around, and I haven't even made plans to spend dinner out with my lovely family! This way, you find your coupons, you print them, and your plans for Friday or Saturday night are done and DONE! You call the wife or girlfriend and say "Hey, wanna go to a great restaurant tonight?" You look like a hero! "My man takes me out to eat all the time." And you don't have to look like a schnook by handing the server your Chilis coupons in front of the GF or wife. Do it surreptitiously, you can still look cool!

For these reasons, it's easy to see why printable Chilis coupons are definitely the way to go. You get your 2 for 1 beverages, you get your queso and chips, grab some fajitas, and do it for up to half off the price of the meal! I know I can drop up to a hundred bucks at these restaurants, and I'm a big fan, but in these tough economic times, who isn't trying to save a buck? Don't be too proud. Save money, and go out to eat every now and then and do some people watching. You and your family deserve it! Chilis coupons, whether printed from your computer, or right out of the paper, make all of this possible!