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Discount tickets and free parking for the Philadelphia zoo

The Philadelphia Zoo was the first zoo to open in the United States in 1859. It is located on the banks of the Schuylkill River in Pennsylvania and houses more than 1,300 animals and 300 species across a span of 42 acres. In 2009, the zoo celebrated its 150th anniversary and strove to ensure the continued patronage of its hundreds of daily visitors. The zoo does so in many different ways and one such way is the Philadelphia Zoo Coupons which allow visitors to access the zoo at discounted prices. This article discusses the services available through the zoo coupons.
There are a number of coupons that offer different discounts. Some save the money you pay for entry into the zoo while others give dollars off or percentages off discounts. These are the best option when you are booking a tour for a large group. Yet other coupons have the buy one get one free deal which works well when you are going with your family. You can also find other savings if you browse through websites designed especially for people touring Philadelphia or in the city’s tourist brochures and guides. It is also a good idea to follow the Philadephia Zoo’s Twitter or Facebook page so that you are aware of any special seasonal offers or newly introduced discounts. Moreover, when you acquire a coupon, be sure to check for expiry dates so that you are able to use it in the allocated time period.

If you are not a tourist, a good option for locals is to get annual membership at the zoo. This opens up avenues to a range of discounts and you can apply for these either online or by going to the zoo in person, plus you can also get free parking throughout the year. Other benefits of getting the zoo’s membership is that you get admissions into over a hundred other zoos in the country with a discount or at no cost at all. The City Pass program is yet another great option. It allows you visit any six of Philadelphia’s tourist attractions with a 46% discount off the actual price. These attractions include The Franklin Institute, Adventure Aquarium, the Academy of Natural Sciences or National Constitution Canter, Phil Trolley and the Big Bus, the Please Touch Museum or Eastern State Penitentiary, and of course the zoo. Through the City Pass program, adult prices become $59 and children’s tickets cost a mere $39.
The Philadelphia Zoo Coupons gets approximately 1.2 million visitors ever year, so it is no surprise that it is ranked as the most popular attraction in the city. Apart from displaying a variety of animals, the zoo understands the responsibility of communicating the dangers many of the endangered species face. For this reason, it has a strong focus on science, education, and conservation so that visitors are not only delighted but also informed about the animals they get to see. There is something available for people of all ages in the zoo and with the coupons people have can access to this rich source of knowledge and entertainment at affordable rates.